5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

It’s 2018 and video marketing is booming, however, if you don’t have a powerful video marketing strategy your business will fall by the wayside.  Facebook is littered with videos nowadays and YouTube is the number 1 internet search engine.  You’ll even find on Instagram, which is a primarily photo-based platform that videos are being used much more often.  With this growing trend, your business needs to make top-notch videos that garner attention and make your company stand out.

Having a video marketing strategy is essential to your business.  It can increase traffic to your web platform while showcasing its positive attributes.  Placing the right videos across social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and even Instagram can make or break your business.  Below are 5 examples of how a proper video marketing strategy and vision can boost your business.


  • Connect With Mobile Users

Nowadays just about everyone watches videos on their mobile phone and having a strategic mobile video plan is the wave of the future.  According to a study by WordStream, 1/3 of online activity is spent watching videos. Whether on YouTube, Facebook or other social media outlets, over half of the video content being viewed online is done so by using mobile phones and 92% of mobile users share videos with others via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.  These are staggering statistics and the sooner you start using mobile video marketing on social media the better off your business will be.

  • Build a Poignant Story

Creating a great storyline for your business is an important tool to get the message you want to convey out to potential customers.  You will need a carefully crafted video that makes you relevant in your customers’ minds. Your video story needs to “Pop” and grab the attention of anyone viewing it.  Plus, the more people know and understand your story, the more chance you have to form a connection with potential customers.  Building a connection with customers creates long-term successful relationships.  Make sure your video has a personal touch and it’s straightforward.  It should also stay true to your company’s brand while maintaining an arc all the way through.  This will automatically draw customers to your product.

  • Acquire Leads

A great way to acquire more leads is by using a social media video marketing strategy.  The more leads you have the more potential business you can do therefore increasing profits.  A strategically placed video can up your company’s bottom line tenfold. If you have a video on your landing page your business is 53% more likely to show up on the first page of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  A great video will set your brand apart from the rest propping sales for now and the future. Videos on landing pages may increase your conversion rate by over 80%.

  • Give Them Something to Remember You By

A memorable video can give people something that they won’t forget.  If your video is impressive enough you’ll be lodged in potential consumers’ minds for a long time, and when it comes time for them to make a purchase they’ll come to you.  Another thing to remember is social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images alone, so if your video is memorable and accumulates likes and shares across the board on various social media outlets your business will ultimately stand out and you’ll reap the benefits in a massive way.  Shooting drone videos can be an awesome tool to impress viewers with action-packed aerial shots.

  • Email With Video Gets Results

When you include a video in your email marketing package it results in a 51% increase of your subscriber to lead conversion rates.  Potential customers will retain 95% of the message when it is accompanied by a video as opposed to 10% with plain text.  According to WordStream, 46% of users act when they watch an ad with a video message.  By using a video with an email marketing package you’ll obtain more clicks and consequently boost your SEO score.


How to capture the best videos to market your business. 

Using the Sony A7RIII is a great way to shoot ground video, while on the other hand using the DJI Inspire Pro 1 drone can really capture the attention of potential customers with an exciting state of the art video, and Los Angeles Aerial Image can make this happen for you.

Capturing videos with a Sony A7RIII is a great idea for your business.  This camera is mirrorless and professional grade quality.  It has a 35mm full-frame image sensor and is designed to capture 4K video while enhancing your creativity.

You’ll also want to take advantage of a drone camera when making your videos come to life.  Drones allow you to get amazing shots at angles never seen before.  A great drone to use is the DJI Inspire Pro 1.  The DJI Inspire Pro allows you to capture beautiful 4K video and 12MP stills while flying through the air.  With this drone at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make the most memorable videos possible to promote your business and its marketing strategy.

Los Angeles Aerial Image can bring your video marketing strategy to life without breaking the bank. You’ll get studio quality work with state of the art equipment without paying huge production costs.

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