Hiring A Drone Pilot In Los Angeles



Technological advancements of all shape, size, and purpose have flooded the market while industries try to apply and utilize them to their benefit.

As we roll into the digital era of continuous innovation in hopes of achieving new heights of efficiency and effectiveness, machinery takes over the jobs of many – while creating them in other areas. Developed for military use, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones have experienced a widespread surge in popularity due to their advanced and far-reaching applicability.

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? It’s a Drone In LA…

Drones today are used commercially, and industrially. While commercial uses usually include drone enthusiasts or photographers and videographers, the functionality a drone provides is the reason why you can no longer escape it; whether it’s a wedding, a construction site, or even your graduation.

The usage of drones has increased to the point where the State of California has specifically set out drone laws, which entail safe spaces, and heights at which drones can be flown. Additionally, the introduction of drones has also created many a job opportunity in the market. There is a growing need for individuals with the specific skills needed to effectively fly the drone.

As set out by the rules and regulations of California, those intending to commercially pilot drones (for work or business purposes) must follow the Federal Aviation Administration’s requirements. Companies and individuals searching for a drone pilot near Los Angeles, or anywhere in the State of California, should ensure that the drone pilots they hire are certified and trained.

Construction in Los Angeles

The construction industry, as a key player in the emerging commercial drone industry is expected and forecasted to rise to $5 Billionby 2020. The compact size and wide array of features a drone brings has increased its relevance in the day-to-day operations of the construction industry, which coincidentally attributes up to 35%of this high-tech device’s usage.

Benefits provided by a drone to a construction site range from real-time updates, to obscure site mapping and aerial views. Indirectly, the data gathered and relayed by a drone helps save time and money while increasing efficiency.

Software developers have introduced solutions that help track inventory, measure structure, and can even identify soil conditions during the construction period. Camera technology analyzes the process by capturing aerial views, thereby enhancing planning, site management, and monitoring of progress.

With this rise, advanced technology is further sustaining industries, allowing for efficiency in production. Stats put forth by the American Institute of Architects states that construction waste makes up 20% to 40% of US’s waste stream. However, thanks to drones and the streamlined supervision, resource management, and proper mapping they provide, wastage rates due to construction have decreased.

Additionally, it has become increasingly convenient for real estate businesses to market property in high quality aerial dimension view and room-by-room tour of the projects.

Los Angeles’ construction industry forecastsa wave of development to hit the city in the next four years. Such fast paced growth is sure to bolster those looking to hire a drone pilot in Los Angeles, as well as those willing.

Since last year this forecasted boom has been making its way through Los Angeles. More than 3,000housing units have been constructed in the area, including Circa, Holland Partners Group’s Grace, and Griffin Apartments. Additionally, another 20 new projects are set to debut this year in California and Florida, of which 3 projectsare in Los Angeles. For now, drone pilots for hire in Los Angelesseem to have the best of both worlds: ample work and ample time.

Why You Need A Drone Pilot?

As put forth by Drone Analyst, the Labor Department has projected a 29% growth in the photogrammetry category until 2029. In 2017, after the Part 107 license was introduced by the FAA, more than 30,000people received commercial operator certifications.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s law for drone pilots states that commercial pilots must be trained and licensed by the FAA; after passing a knowledge test covering the rules and regulations. They also require the pilot to register their device with its personal registration number.

Strict air traffic regulations cannot be compromised upon. If breached, air space fines can amount up to $27,500or in serious cases, up to $250,000. Besides, an inexperienced drone pilot may happen to get into potential accidents, thereby, also increasing liability risks. For those searching for a drone pilot near Los Angelesit is necessary to remember that there is more than just the flying of the drone that must be taken into consideration.


Investing in an advanced drone model isn’t all there is to the world of drone technology. Every drone has specific features intended for different purposes. Instead of in-house training of employees for drone-flying, outsourcing the resource is a viable option as 20%of the companies are relying on drone operators for the service.

Rather than adding to the stress of your business’ day-to-day tasks, outsource your drone-flying projects to those more capable and experienced.  Those looking to hire a drone pilot near Los Angelesor in the State of California can rest assured that the training and certifications provided to these licensed commercial pilots by the FAA offsets their service’s cost.

As the popularity of drones continues, the market will experience a shift. One in which traditional surveyors will see a shift away from them and one towards the photogrammetrist. As drone quality improves and big players such as DJI and Hasselblad attempt to enhance their product, the application of a drone rests more in the payload capacity of the machine than its operator.

Be it a condominium-building project or a pipe-displacement one, data can be collected by drones as it is generally done so, only to be later extracted by the person relevant. What is important here is that, how a drone fits into the workflow of a construction site or an event management business, is not as important as what it provides: constant real-time data.


Hiring a licensed drone pilot in Los Angeles is not as easy as it seems. However, with all the experience, training, and certifications needed to fly drones in Los Angeles for aerial mapping, construction site supervision, or even marketing videos, LA Aerial Image is well-equipped with all the knowledge and technology to take on your project. For any questions regarding aerial imagery and the use of drones, get in touch now. http://www.LosAngelesAerialimage.com